Warwick Infinity

It wasn't a lack of satifaction with the JazzMan that pushed me to pick up an additional bass, but rather a desire to get the different sound that only a fretless bass can provide.

So, a day before Thanksgiving 2000, the new Infinity arrived. Like its sibling, the Infinity 5-string is from Warwick's Custom shop in Germany. It has a semi-hollow Ovankol body with a gorgeous bird's eye maple top. The "f-holes" cut in the top give it added beauty, plus allow for some of the semi-hollow's resonant tones to emerge. The neck-through bass has an ebony fretboard and the neck consists of 7 pieces of rock maple and walnut sandwiched together. It has a beautiful oil (matte) finish. It borrows its pickups and electronics from its JazzMan sibling, with pickups being a combination of active MEC "soap bar" along with an additional MEC Jazz neck pickup. The sound is then run through an active Seymour Duncan "Basslines" electronics system with a 3-band EQ, pan pot and a Coil Tap switch. The sound is similar to the JazzMan--best described on the open strings as that of a grand piano--the lows are resonant and clear, with a classic fretless "growl" in the midrange that sounds just amazing. The electronics allow for varying sound configurations from a Jazz bass to a sound very similar to a full-scale upright acoustic when the Jazz pickup is disabled and the soapbar is placed in single-coil mode.