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08/03/03:Latest Photos

A Sunday morning trip to the park, a swing, and a great photo!


Summer's here! and that means trips to the beach! Here's a photo we took back in June.

We had a lot of fun on Independence Day at our neighborhood party. Here's Amber with her friend Helen (who lives directly across the street from us).

Up here it doesn't get dark on July 4th until around 10:00pm, and it was WAY past Amber's bedtime!

We had a big church party on July 5th, and there were horse rides! This is Amber's first time on a horse and she had a blast! We think there may be some horse riding in her future.

06/24/02:Latest News

You know, we really need to update our web site more often! We'll add more content soon, but for the moment, here's a recent photo of Amber (taken early April).


This past few months has seen a blossom in Amber's creative senses, particularly with regard to her "pretend friends." From what we have seen, most kids seem to insist that their imaginary friends are "real", yet what is most interesting is that she has imaginary friends which she plainly discusses as "pretend"-- almost as if she's rationalized them--she's quite objective for a three year old. Her imaginary friends include "JJ" (the talking jet plane from the PBS series), Barney, and Max and Emmy, the kids from DragonTales.

She also has a host of non-imagined friends, which include Sagwa (her large white cat, which is actually Dutchess from Disney's Aristocats), and She'bwa and Doe'bwa, Sagwa's daughter and son (I'll see if I can get a picture of them online). She'bwa and Doe'bwa are actually "Teenie Beanies". She also has "Heho," her baby-doll. She named everything herself (though a few of the names are direct or close derivatives from names of characters in PBS shows).

Amber is also really into "Madeline" (based upon the books by Ludwig Bemelmans). Amber can now recite from memory three whole Madeline books (each book being roughly half-again or double the length of Lincoln's Gettysburg address). She regularly dresses up as Madeline as well. She puts on a hat, and socks on her hands for gloves. She has her "sparkle shoes". In that outfit, she demands to be referred to as "Madeline." She's so cute.

We've got some newer photos of Amber posted here.


Amber drew us a picture last week. We thought you all might like to see it. The four figures in the picture are (left to right) TJ, Mommy, Amber, Daddy.

Well, we promised you pictures of Amber on her tricycle. Here are a couple of them.


On Independance Day, Amber got an opportunity to see fireworks. We headed over to Dan and Beth's house and watched the Forest Grove High School's fireworks show from their back yard (about a quarter mile away). She was dazzled for about twenty minutes, and then got a bit bored with it and decided to run around the back yard. This was the first year she's been old enough to appreciate them.

Amber now has a tricycle, and loves to ride it up and down the sidewalk with her friends Helen (4) and Amber (5) next door. Used to being the "big kid in the house" Amber is a little confused when we call the girl next door "Big Amber".

Amber really loves to draw pictures. We'll see if we can get one online on this page soon.

This series of photos was taken on Amber's third birthday, 20 Mar 01. This first photo is one of my favorites of her. We have a virtually identical pose we took of her just short of her second birthday last year.

Here's two pictures of Amber blowing out her birthday candles.

Ain't she just photogenic?!

Opening the presents: Li'l Chefs Market

Dragon Tales DVD. Dragon Tales is a cute animated public television series about two kids, Emmy and Max, who move into a new house and discover a magical dragon scale, which they "wish" over to transport themselves to "Dragon Land." There, they meet dragon friends Ord ("very big, not the brave of heart"), Cassie ("so shy, but so very smart"), Zack and Weezie ("siamese-dragons joined at the hip"--Zack is very straightforward and practical, Weezie is just the opposite, and takes life entirely too lightly for Zack).

Amber with her new Zack and Weezie

Opening her Fisher Price "Siblings" who are now called "Emmy" and "Max".